What our clients say about us

  • Antonio is undoubtedly one of the best in the sector, both in Barcelona and Madrid. I have had the pleasure of working with him on a multitude of projects. He is always exquisitely professional and thorough and adapts seamlessly to the needs of the individual client to offer the best possible service. On the other hand, I consider his to be the coolest of viewing facilities on offer in Madrid and Barcelona. If only he had facilities in more places... ‬All of this, combined with his amazing social skills and natural charm, makes it impossible not to endorse him. I have been working with him for seven years now and the truth is, I have not the slightest bone to pick!

    anne cassuto
    • Anne Cassuto
    • Freelance Field Manager
  • I have worked with Antonio for some years now and have always enjoyed the most exquisite treatment, both for my clients and I myself. He always ensures that every detail and need is covered. As far as I am concerned, his are the go-to facilities in Madrid.

    alvaro casasolas
    • Alvaro Casasolas
    • Senior qualitative research consultant
  • I have worked with Antonio for over 12 years and he has always offered the highest levels of professionalism and excellence of service in all respects.

    alberto sidrach
    • Alberto Sidrach
    • Managing Director & Partner at BigBand
  • I have worked with Antonio on several occasions, always with the very best of results. His facilities are unbeatable, the customer service is cordial and professional (with excellent English), the catering delicious and the freelancers that he uses are of the very best (moderators, simultaneous interpreters, note takers ...).

    victoria scarpato
    • Victoria Scarpato
    • Professor for Strategic Planning at UOC
      Qualitative market Researcher &
      Strategic Planner Freelancer.
  • I have known Antonio for many years. In the past I was fortunate to have worked with him in the same company. He is a great professional, highly dedicated and committed to his work and excellent at adapting to the needs of the individual customer. I have not the slightest hesitation in recommending him in the certainty that he will respond with the greatest of professionalism and dedication

    milagros benito
    • Milagros Benito
  • Before I met Antonio Jimenez, I didn't quite realize what difference it makes, when a facility is really and truly professional. Not only does Antonio have the most beautiful and comfortable facility in Madrid, he also is a real help: makes wise choices without even needing to ask, supports you, knows your job as well as his, helps spontaneously solve problems that have...

    Mariàn Crespo
    • Mariàn Crespo
    • Senior Quality Consultant & Art Therapist
  • Antonio is an excellent recruiter. He is responsible, creative and highly collaborative. His facilities, both in Madrid and Barcelona, are magnificent and the services he offers exquisite.

    • Gabriela López
    • Founding Partner and Technical Director of Medrar-Se
  • I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Antonio for over 25 years. Not only does he possess in-depth knowledge of the business, but he also has the most exquisite eye for detail and amazing ability to anticipate the needs of the client. His viewing facilities are amongst the most original and best equipped I know. I would not hesitate in recommending Antonio.

    • Tony Leigh
    • Independent Translation and
      Localization Professional
  • I have known Antonio for a very long time now and he has always shown himself to be the most excellent of professionals, offering top line services and generating a feeling of total trust and confidence. I wish him much success for the future and have not the slightest doubt in wholeheartedly recommending his services.

    • Miquel Pardina
    • Consultant owner at Touchpoint Consultoria
  • I have worked directly with Antonio for over 12 years and hope to continue doing so for many years. He is an excellent professional and I would say quite unique in what he offers. His extensive experience in managing young people with complex profiles makes his recruitment not only a first class product, but also means that he is an ideal interlocutor for the early stages of any study...

    Alejandra Borcel
    • Alejandra Borcel
    • Idea Strategic Research Solutions
  • I have worked with Antonio for ten years now. He has always stood out for his professionalism and excellence. Working with Antonio, I feel fully supported.

    Clara Giraldo-Tafur
    • Clara Giraldo Tafur
    • Qualitative Researcher and Ethnographer‬
  • Quite simply Antonio Jimenez has the best facilities in Madrid: roomy, quiet, well lit and with all the technological aids one could possibly need to ensure the best possible moderation. He is cordial, respectful and highly collaborative. Without a doubt one could not hope for a better experience from a viewing facility...

    Mallela Garcia
    • Mallela Garcia
    • Strategic Marketing advisor al Leo Burnett Iberia‬
  • The first time I worked at the facilities of Antonio Jiménez in Madrid I was impressed by just how spectacular they are: roomy, modern and well equipped, floating in the skies over Madrid. I remember enjoying the most spectacular sunset over the city rooftops, while moderating my group. Antonio and his team give their all to ensure everything is perfect, with the greatest of professionalism, willingness and flexibility. After that first occasion, my experience of his services have done nothing more than corroborate my first impressions.

    Marta Delgado
    • Marta Delgado
    • Co-Founder & Chief Researcher at
      Twiga Research & Strategy
  • Mr Jiménez has collaborated with us (Flamingo) on many occasions, providing the recruitment of respondents for many qualitative studies (including viewing facilities). Unfortunately, oftentimes we have found such services to be sadly wanting in many parts of the world and Antonio’s work refreshingly stands out for its honesty, skilful execution and intelligent understanding of the client’s needs.

    James Parsons
    • James Parsons
    • Group Board Director at Flamingo
  • The viewing facilities of Antonio Jimenez are our go-to facilities in Madrid for the professionalism of service and excellent custom care we receive and for their central location and convenience.

    Mònica Ybargüen
    • Mònica Ybargüen
    • Partner, Idèria Insights
  • Antonio and I have worked shoulder to shoulder to find the best suited respondents for truly complex targets. His market insight and professional commitment have always proven key to successfully finding solutions for the most demanding requirements of my clients. It is a true delight to work with you Antonio.

    Gastón Martínez
    • Gastón Martínez
    • Consultor anthropologist for social innovation for Innuba
  • Antonio is an excellent professional and a great person. The highest quality of both recruitment and viewing facilities with their associated services is guaranteed with him.

    Luisa Fernández
    • Luisa Fernández
    • Market Research Freelancer
  • Highly profesional and besides that, extremely efficient, helpful and always solution-oriented. Someone you will LOVE workwith.

    Emmanuelle Marc
    • Emmanuelle Marc
    • International Research Manager at Overbooking